JRF is registered remittance company in Japan. We can send your money all over the world with strong alliance with NCC bank, BOC, Prabhu group, Bank BRI, BDO, BPI, Donga Bank.


Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd. ( "JRF") is an international money transfer company, which was established in September 2011.


Kanto Local Finance Bureau funds transfer suppliers registered to is, we have completion of registration as a supplier No. 00024 (March 28, 2012).

Start from the beginning of the South Asian countries for remittances, making it possible to send money to the current (2016 April) 83 countries.


In 2017 around, not only in Japan, overseas (Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, etc.) with offices in, we aim to become a truly global company.

Hossain Sunny Sarwar



Dear Valued Customers,

My name is Hossain MD. Sarwar Sunny, CEO of Japan Remit Finance Co, Ltd. The first time I was involved in a remittance business, dated back 15 years ago when I used to work for an international bank in Tokyo. At that time, honestly speaking, I was discouraged about how costly and inefficient the business was at the bank. Since then I had been anxious to seek more efficient ways of remittance to cater for those living here in Japan to send money home. I got to realize that the moment came, when I saw the Acts on Settlement legislated in 2010 in Japan. That was the reason why I decided to establish Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd ("JRF"). JRF has been in the money transfer and currency exchange business for a couple of years and our business started from the scratch. Up to date, however, JRF has grown up to enable ourselves to remit to 83 countries due to tremendous supports from various parties. The size of global remittance market is said to be around USD 500 billion. Our future vision is to make JRF more and more global-oriented, and to make a social contribution and support to a social and informational minority, i.e. foreigners, living in Japan. I believe that JRF shall be a major global player as a company originated from Japan. Your continued support to JRF would be highly appreciated.





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It is very quick for registration. You can register on our website as an individual. All you need is your ID copy, such as passport or Residence & My number card.


We make it possible to remit your money to your country at the lowest cost.


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